Wit – A Drama for the Ages

Cancer is no joke as you will take lots of drugs only to feel the side effects of it and will slowly kill you. It is definitely something that can’t be avoided as the best way is to live a healthy lifestyle as early as possible.


That is definitely easier said than done as Margaret thought every second of her time as a clerk at the National Cancer Institute was spent as a learning experience. She learned a lot from the nurses there as she interacted with everyone from the janitor down to the patient who was suffering from a lot but getting no visitors. You can’t help but pity with the people who are put there as they definitely did not want to be put there but they are left with no other choice. They can’t help but slowly fade to thin air along with the medication they are taking. They are also spending a considerable amount of money on doing it. If it is lung cancer then you can’t help but regret all those times you spent smoking because you are trying to mingle with the people who are on the supervisory level in your company.