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Margaret Edson is the person who wrote the award winning Wit, a drama that has captured the heart of people all over the world. She got her inspiration from writing the play from working at a cancer ward for a year. It was only a year but she has observed everything that goes on in there and she was moved. She understands what the patients are going through as it is definitely tough for them to experience cancer.



Cancer is no joke as you will take lots of drugs only to feel the side effects of it and will slowly kill you. It is definitely something that can’t be avoided as the best way is to live a healthy lifestyle as early as possible. That is definitely easier said than done as Margaret


Also, you can’t help but smoke cigarettes while you are in the club since getting second hand smoke can give you bad effects as well. After working at the cancer ward for a year, Margaret moved to working at a bike shop. This is where she had the time to write the play but this



Vivian Bearing is the main character in the play and she gets bad news in the form of cancer and that she only has about 2 hours left to live and she will spend the rest of it in a cancer ward. Nobody likes hearing this type of news as you will be left to